OMWG Fiber Processing and Spinning Books last print 4/26/15
P=pamphlet v - Versions or editions 2= 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Russian Distaffs P
in Scandinavian Spind & Tvind
Amos, Alden The Great Wheel 1977 P
Baines, Patricia Spinning Wheels, Spinners and Spinning 1977 2
Benson, Anna Textile Machines 1983 P
Blosser-Rainey, Priscilla The Spinning Machine Vid
Buel, Elizabeth The Tale of the Spinning Wheel MCM111
Buxton, Judith Selected Canadian Spinning Wheels in Perspective 1980
Ciba Review 12/1939 The Spinning Wheel 1939 P
Gilbert, K. R. Textile Machinery 1971 P
Hochberg, Bette Handspindles P
Leadbettter, Eliza Spinning & Spinning Wheels Shire #43 1979 P 2
Pauli, Karen The Care and Feeding of Spinning Wheels 2
Pennington, D & Taylor A Pictorial Guide to American Spinning Wheels 1975
Roth, H. Ling Hand Card Making P
Thompson, G.B. Spinning Wheels P
Turner, Kathy The Legacy of the Great Wheel 1983 2
West, W.C. Anyone Can Build a Spinning Wheel P
Casey, Maggie w Yang Eunny Start Spinning: Vid
Chadwick, Eileen The Craft of Hand Spinning 1980
Channing, Marion L. The Magic of Spinning P
Ciba Review 1965/3 Yarn & Thread 1965 P
Crowfoot, Grace & Roth Handspinning & Wool Combing 1974
Crowfoot, Grace Methods of Spinning in Egypt and Sudan P
Davenport, Elsie Your Handspinning 1964 2v
Dryad Handcrafts #83 Spinning Wool P
See History Edelstein, Sidney Historic Notes on Wet Processing Industry 1972
Fannin, Allen Handspinning, Art and Technique 1970
Field, Anne The Ashford Book of Spinning 1986
Grassett, K Complete Guide to Handspinning P 2
Handweaver's Guild of America Spinning Program - COE P
Handweaver's Guild of America Spinning from First 10 Years (SS&D) P
Hochberg, Bette Handspinner's Handbook P
Hochberg, Bette Spin, Span, Spun P
Hochberg, Bette reprints of Textile Articles P
Jackson, Constance & The New Zealand Woolcraft Book 1981
Kluger, Marilyn The Joy of Spinning 1971
Kroll. Carol The Whole Craft of Spinning P
Lasky, Kathryn The Weaver's Gift 1980
Leadbetter, Eliza Handspinning 1976 2
? MacDonald Fiber, Spinning, Spinning Wheels
Milner, Ann I Can Spin a Different Thread 1979 P
Needlecrafts #13 Spindle Spinning P
Raven, Lee Hands on Spinning 1987 2
Ronen, Col James Spinformation P
Ross, Mabel The Encyclopedia of Hand Spinning
Ross, Mabel The Essentials of Handspinning P
Simmons, Paula A Collection of Articles from Warp and Weft P
Simmons, Paula The Handspinner's Guide to Selling 1979
Simmons, Paula reprint Handspun Yarns-Black Sheep Wool P
Simmons, Paula Spinning for Softness & Speed 1982
Spin-Off Master Spinner's Colloquy 1987 P
Spincraft Spinning Dictionary 1968 P
Teal, Peter Hand Woolcombing and Spinning 1976
British Wool Marketing Board British Sheep Breeds, their Wool and Its Uses 1978 2 v
New Zealand Wool Board New Zealand Sheep and their Wool P
Story of Wool 1965 P 2v
? Wool Handling 1936
Allen, Carleton Wool, The Raw Material 1941 P
American Wool Council Spinning Your Own Wool P
Australia Wool and Beyond Exhibition 1981 P
Bartlett, E.S. Sheep Shearing 1938
Ciba Review# 130 The English Wool Industry P
Dixon, Margaret The Wool Book 1979
Freudenberger, Herman The Waldstein Woolen Mill 18thC Bohemia 1963 P
Henderson, A. E. Growing Better Wool 1968
Hopkins, Giles E Wool as an Apparel Fiber 1953
Horne, Beverly Fleece in Your Hands
Horne, Beverly Fleece in Your Hands P
Jones, Gary Breeds of Sheep P
Kiker & Koch Sheep & Man, An American Saga 1978
Lonning, Sunniva Spinne ull pa rokk or hand ters P
Mass. State College Sheep and Wool 1938 p
Parker, Ron The Sheep Book 1983
also projects Parry, Barbara Adventures in Yarn Farming 2013
Pendleton Mills The Wool Story: Fleece to Fashion 1971 P
Paul, Virginia This was Sheep Ranching, Yesterday and Today 1976
Robson, Deborah & Kari The Fleece to Fiber Sourcebook 2011
Simmons, Paula Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry 1985
Vince, John Old British Livestock
Woodman, Marian Cotswolds to Calais, the Golden Age of
Camel The Story of Camel Hair 1936 P
Dog Hair Wallace, Susan Hair of the Dog, How to Spin Dog Fur 1975 P
Rabbit/ Angora Kilfoyle & Samson Completely Angora 1988
Kanable, Ann Raising Rabbits 1977
Silk Persis Grayson Blue Notebook on Silk P
Barham, Henry An Essay Upon the Silk Worm 1988
Gaddum Co. Silk 1979 2P v
Silk and Japan P
The Raw Silk Industry of Japan P
Kolander, Cheryl A Silkworker's Notebook 1979 P
Parker, Julie All About Silk, A Fabric Dictionary 1997 spiral
Vicuna Stroock, Sylvan The Story of Vicuna 1937 P
Cotton Aspin, Chris The Cotton Industry Shire #63 1981 P
Linder, Olive & Harry Handspinning Cotton 1977 x2 P
Sitaramayya, Pattabhi I Too Have Spun Cotton P
Sullivan, Donna Cotton 1983 P
University of Georgia Cotton 1972 P
Kudzu Shurtleff, Wm & Aoyagi The Book Of Kudzu
Flax Irish Linen Merchants Irish Linen: The Fabric of Elegance 1945 P
Leggett, William F The Story of Linen 1945
Linder, Olive & Harry Handspinning Flax 1986
Ramie Whittemore, Hiram et al Mechanical Harvesting & Ribboning of Ramie
Fibers 1963 P
Man-Made Man-Made Fiber Prod. Man-Made Fibers 1973 P
Combined asalis, Laura, ed Cotton and Silk Making in Manchu China 1980
Duncan, Molly Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax 1973
Hochberg, Bette FiberFacts 1981 P
Techniques Anderson, Sarah Spinner's Book of Yarn Design 2012
Ross, Mabel Spinning: Advanced Techniques Vid
Thresh, Constance Spinning with a Drop Spindle 1971 P
Varney, Diane Spinning Designer Yarns 1987
Projects Clark, Hazel Fiber to Fabrics
Kahn, Deborah The Handspun Project Book 1978
also wool fiber Parry, Barbara Adventures in Yarn Farming 2013
OMWG Color & Dyeing
last print 4/29/15
P = pamphlet v = version
MW=Master Weaver Coll. 2 = 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Color Albers, Josef Interaction of Color 1963
Birren, Faber Principles of Color
Chijiwa, Hedsaki Color Harmony 1987
Itten, Johannes The Color Star P
Justema, William & Doris Weaving & Needlecraft Color Course
Lambert, Patricia et al Color & Fiber 1986
Shaha, Kawade Designer's Guide to Color 1974
Sullivan, Donna Color Interaction Vid
Welch, Margaret Living Colors 1995
Wilcox, Michael Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green 1989
Wolfrom, Joe N. Color Play 2000
Dyeing & Adrosko, Rita Natural Dyes in the United States 1968
Surface Adrosko, Rita Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing 1987 2
Design Albuquerque Handweavers Vegetable Dyes of New Mexico P
Bemis, Elijah Dyer's Companion 1973
Bliss, Anne American Dye Plants 1986
Blumenthal, Betsy Dye kit P
Brooklyn Botanical Garden Dye Plants and Dyeing 1964 P 3
Buchanan, Rita A Dyer's Garden 1982 2
Brunello, Franco The Art of Dyeing 1973
Callahan, Gail Hand-Dyeing Yarn and Fleece 2010
Conley, Erma Vegetable Dyeing 2 v
Conner, Berenice Dyes from Your Garden 1975 P
Davenport, Elsie Your Yarn Dyeing 1955
Davidson, Mary Francis The Dyepot 1974 P 2
(in Clothing) Dean, Ankaret Ikat to Wear 1987
Farrow, Hazel Painting Warps 1974 P
Fisher Scientific Chemical Index 1964
Furry, Margaret Home Dyeing with Natural Dyes 1935 2v P
Gerber, Frederick Cochineal and The Insect Dyes 1978 P
Gerber, Frederick Indigo and the Antiquity of Dyeing 1977 P
Gerber, Frederick The Investigative Method of Natural Dyeing 1975 P
Grae, Ida Nature's Colors: Dyes From Plants 1974
Kafka, Francis Batik,Tie Dyeing,Stenciling, Silk Screen Block
Kierstead, Sallie Natural Dyes 1059
Kirihela, Kim Xizen
Knutson, Linda Synthetic Dyes: Natural Fabrics 1982
Lesch, Alma Vegetable Dyeing 1970 2
Liles, James N The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing 1990 2
Lloyd, Joyce Dyes From Plants of Australia & New Zealand 1971
Miller, Dorothy Indigo from Seed to Dye 1984
Morrow, Mabel Santa Fe Dye Workshop - Magic in the Dyepot 1966 P
Nia, Sara Batik 1970
Putnam The How to Dye Book P
Rice, Miriam Let's Try Mushrooms for Color 1974
Stone, A.R. Crafty Casseroles 1976 P
Taylor, Carol Marbling Paper & Fabric 1991
Thresh, Robert & Christine An Introduction to Natural Dyeing 1973 P
Thurston, Violetta The Use of Vegetable Dyes 1957 P
Tidball, Harriet Color & Dyeing 1965 P
Vinroot, Sally & Crowder The New Dyer 1981
Waller, Judy Anne Creating Color: A Dyer's Handbook 1989
Weigle, Palmy Ancient Dyes for Modern Weavers 1974 2
Weigle, Palmy Color Exercises for the Weaver 1976 2
Zielinski, S.A. Resist Dyeing, Odd Weaves MW
Dye Samples Orlett, Fr. Ray Dye Formulas and Yarn Samples File box
Peery, Catherine Samples and Recipes for Natural Dyes
OMWG Combined books spinning, dyeing, weaving
2= 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Anderson, Beryl Creative Spinning Weaving and Plant Dyeing 1973
Australian Fibre Conference Wool & Beyond 1981
Bronson, J & R Early American Weaving & Dyeing 1977
Brown, Rachel The Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Book 1978
Castino,Ruth Spinning, & Dyeing the Natural Way 1974
Channing, Marion The Textile Tools of Colonial Times 1969 P
Deen, Ankaret Ikat to Wear
Duncan, Molly Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax 1973 2
Duncan, Molly Spin Your Own Wool & Dye It & Weave It 1968
Ellacott, S. E. Spinning & Weaving 1956
Gandhi, M. K. Khadi : (handspun cloth)
Heinrich, Linda Linen form Flax Seed to Woven Cloth 2010
Holborn, Joan K Spinning and Weaving in Biblical Times P
Holding, Mary Notes on Spinning and Dyeing Wool 1949 P
Johnson, W.J. Yarn Works How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your
Own Yarn 2014
Lamb, Sara Spin to Weave 2013
Lasky, Kathryn The Weaver's Gift 1984
Kilbridge, Thomas Spinning and Weaving at Home 1981
Kluger, Marilyn The Joy of Spinning 1971
Osborne, Bernice Pennsylvania German Spinning & Dyeing 1945 P
Plowman, Judith Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving
Potter, M David Textiles: Fiber to Fabric 1967
& Corbman, Bernard
Pownall, Glen Spinning and Weaving 1973
Roth, Bettie The New Handbook of Time Saving Tables for
Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers P
Simmons, Paula Spinning and Weaving with Wool 1977 2
Spencer, Audrey Spinning and Weaving at Upper Canada 1964 P
Svinicki, Eunice Step by Step Spinning & Dyeing 1974 2
Weir, Shelagh Spinning and Weaving in Palestine 1970 P
see also History Section
OMWG Miscellaneous Fiber Books
Subject Author Title Date Loc
Basketry Burns & Oakes Basket Weaving 1968 P
Cain, H. Thomas Pima Indian Basketry 1962 P
Cary, Mara Basic Baskets 1975
Christopher, F.J. Basketry 1952
Corbin, Patricia All About Wicker 1978
Coutts, Lucile Baskets and Beyond 1977
DeLean, Sherry The Basketry Book 1978
DeWald, Terry The Paapago Indian & Their Basketry 1979 P
Davidson, Jan Over, Under Around and Through P
Fraser, David A Guide to Weft Twining 1989
Irwin, John Rice Basket and Basketry of Southern Appalachia 1982
LaPlantz, Shereen The Mad Weave Book 1984
LaPlantz, Shereen Plaited Basketry 1982 spiral
Lasansky, Jeannette Willow, Oak and Rye 1979 P
Lumpkin, Beryl Omega From Vines to Vessels 1984 P
Maki, Masako ? In Japanese
Maki, Masako Rattan Work with Complete Diagrams
Meilach, Dona Z. A Modern Approach to Basketry 1974
Navajo School of Indian Basketry Indian Basket Weaving 1971
Robinson, Sharon Contemporary Basketry 1978
Rossbach, Ed The New Basketry 1976 2
Schultz, Caroline and Stucky Wheat Weaving Made Easy 1977 Spiral
Seeler, Katherine Nantucket Lightship Basket 1972
see Spinning Fibers Shurflett, Wm & Aoyafi The Book of Kudzu
Smith, George How to Make Coiled Baskets 1977 P
Smith, George How to Twine Basket and Such 1976 P
Stephenson, Sue H Basketry of Appalachian Mountains 1977
Wright, Dorothy The Complete Book of Baskets and Basketry 1977
Beadwork White, Mary How to do Beadwork 1972
Braiding/Kumihimo Kliot, Jules & Kaethe Kumihimo 1977 P
(see weaving off loom)
Crochet Belding, Lily Stripped Chenille Coat 1979 P
Edson, Nickie Creative Crochet 1973
Horne, Caroline Fashion Crochet 1979
Feltmaking Claessen, Marlie Felting 1981 P
Evers, Inge Feltmaking Techniques 1987
Gordon, Beverly Feltmaking 1980
Green, Louise Feltmaking for Fiber Artists 1978 P
Spark, Patricia Fundamentals of Feltmaking 1989 P
Knitting Fee, Jacqueline The Sweater Workshop 1983 Spiral
Ferguson, Kerry 2 Sticks and String 1999
Gschwandtner,Sabrina KnitKnit 2007
Hamilton, Hunt Knitting Dictionary 800 Patterns 1970s P
Hammett Co. Techniques of Rake Knitting 1972 P
Hansen, Robin Fox. Geese and Fences 1983 P
Merrill et al 17th Century Knitting Patterns 1978 P
Steege, Gwen Knit Baby Head to Toes 2003
Thomas, Mary Mitten Knitting Book 1972
Zimmerman, Elizabeth Knitting Without Tears 1971
Lace Making Kliot, Kaethe & Jules Bobbin Lace 1973
Lewis, Robin S. 101 Torchon Patterns 1988
Macrame, Knots etc Andes, Eugene Practical Macrame 1971
Blandford, Percy Knots and Splices 1962
Bowling, Tom Knots: The Art of Cordage 1904 P
Collingwood, Peter Sprang 1974
Harvey, Virginia Macrame: The Art of Creative Knotting 1967
Lampton, Susan Macrame Creative Knot Tying 1975
Meilach, Dona Macrame & Creative Design in Knotting 1971
Michaels-Paque, Joan Visual Instructional Macrame 1971 spiral
Nordland, Odd Primitive Scandinavian Textiles
Knotless Netting
North, Anna and Gladwin Rugmaking and Macrame 1974
Phillips, Mary Step by Step Macrame 1970
Rainey, Serena Knotting and Looping 1979
Sanctuary, Anthony Rope, Twine and Net Making 1980 P
Seyd, Mary Designing with String 1967
Papermaking Bell, Lilian Plant Fibers for Paper Making 1981 spiral
Honolulu Academy of Arts Tapa Washi & Western Handmade Paper 1980
Studley, Vance The Art & Craft of Handmade Paper
Toole, Bernard The Art of Papermaking 1983
Mixed Media Better Homes and Gardens RugMaking 1978
Fairchild Publications Weave and Knit Charts 1947 P
Meilach, Dona Making Contemporary Rugs and Wall
Hangings 1970
Miscellaneous Rough, Joan Z Australian Locker Hooking 1982 P
UT Agriculture Extension Service Reseating Chairs 1977 P
OMWG Sewing & Needlework
last print 3/23/2015
P = pamphlet v = version
2 = 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Needlework Bright, Sigrid Hardanger Embroidery 1978 P
Boyles, Margaret Bargello 1974 P
Caulfeild, Sophia Dictionary of Needlework 1972
Dillimont, Therese Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework 1978
Epstein, Rosalyn American Indian Needlepoint Design 1973 P
May, Marjorie Decorative Stitchery 1967
McCalls 150 Best Loved Christmas Ornaments 1995
Miller, Irene & Lubell The Stitchery Book 1965
Paine, Sheila Embroidered Textiles 1990
Tod, Osma G Wool Stitchery
Whiting, Gertrude Old-Time Tools & Toys of Needlework 1971
Woman's Day Book of Patterns & Instructions :
American Needlework in case
Woman's Day Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches 1961 P
Molas: Art pf Guna Indians 1973
Aiken,Joyce & Laury The Total Tote Bag Book 1977
Auld, Rhoda Molas 1976
Bishop, Robert A Gallery of Amish Quilts 1976
Hiney,Mary Jo Sewing for the first time 2002
Liddell,Jill The Patchwork Pilgrimage
Linsley, Leslie Quilts Across America 1988
Kiracofe, Roderick Cloth and Comfort
Moore, Nancy Machine Quilted 1981
Newman, Thelma Quilting, Patchwork, Applique & Trapunto 1974
Pender, Mary Coyne The Quiltmakers' Ultimate Workbook 1989
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing 1978
Schenck,John A Story of How Sewing Thread is Made 1937 p
Sunset Books Sunset Quilting, Patchwork, and Applique 1981
Vogue The Vogue Sewing Book 1975
OMWG General Textile latest print 3/23/2015
L= large book P = in pamphlet file
2 = 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Textiles in General American Fabrics Magazine Encyclopedia of Textiles 1972
Birrrell, Verla The Textile Arts 1973 2
Chamberlain, Marcia & Crockett Beyond Weaving 1974
Constantine, Mildred & Jack Larsen The Art Fabric Mainstream 1980
Dan River Corp A Dictionary of Textile Terms 1976 P
Emery, Irene Fiber Structures
Emery, Irene The Primary Structures of Fabrics 1976
Hollen, Norma& Saddler Textiles 1966
Joseph. Marjory Introductory Textile Science 1966
Kilham, Frances & Lambert Fabric for Living 1968 P
Paque, Joan Michaels Creative and Conceptural Analysis of Textile 1979 spiral
Paque, Joan Michaels Design Principles & Fiber Techniques 1973 spiral2
Pontin, K.G. Discovering Textile History and Design
Potter & Corbman Fiber to Fabric 1967
Rogers,Nora & Martha Stanley In Celebration of the Curious Mind 1983
Walton, Perry The Story of Textiles
Wilson, Sadye Tune & Jackson Textile Arts Index 1950-87
Textile Preservation Mailand, Harold Considerations for the Care of Textiles and
Costumes 1978 P
Textile Preservation Notes 1979 P
OMWG History Books
latest print 3/23/2015
P=pamphlet v - Versions or editions
2= 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Regional Alderman, Pat The Overmountain Men 1970
General Blythe, Lagette Gift From the Hills Lucy Morgan and Penland 1971
Carroll Reece Museum Sing Along with Appalachia 1969 P
Cate et al The Southern Appalachian Heritage 1974
Time-Life Books The Southern Appalachians
Carroll Reece Museum Black Mountain College 1966 P
Craft Bullard, Helen Crafts and Craftsmen of Tennessee Mountains 1976
Barker, Gary The Handcraft Revival in Southern Appalachia
1930 to 1990 1991
Eaton, Allan Handicraft of the Southern Highlands 1937
Hyatt, Rebecca Marthy Lou's Kiverlid: A Sketch of Mountain Life 1937
Leftwich, Rodney Arts & Crafts of the Cherokee 1970
Potter, Ted Southeastern Crafts P
Southern Highlands Handicraft The Bicentennial Collection 1976
Stevens, Bernice Crafts of the Southern Highlands 1958
Wigginton, Eliot Foxfire 2 1973
Stevens, Bernice Our Mountain Craftsmen 1969 P
Weaving Albers Anni et al The Woven Graphic Art of Anni Albers
Alvic, Philis Weavers of the Southern Highlands 2003
Amer. Federation of Arts Threads of History 1965
Goodrich, Frances Mountain Homespun 1931
Goodrich, Frances Mountain Homespun (reissued) 1989
Schorsch, Anita Art of the Weaver (Antiques Magazine reprints)
Wilson,Kathleen Curtis American Homespun for the President's House 1997 p
General Bowles, Ella Handspun Handcrafts 1931
Earle, Alice Home Life in Colonial Days 1974
Edelstein, Sidney Historic Notes on Wet-Processing Industry 1972
Geiner, Agnes A History of Textile Art 1979
Jeffrey, J and Parker, D A Thread of Evidence Shaker Textiles in KY 1964
Merrimack Valley Textile Mus. All Sorts of Good Sufficient Cloth: Linen-Making 1980
In New England 1640-1860
Merrimack Valley Textile Mus. Handspun to Factory Made: Woven Textiles in 1977
Merrimack Valley Textile Mus. Wool Technology & the Industrial Revolution 1965
Biography Stevens, Bernice A Weavin' Woman 1971 P
Strauss, Liv Sheila Hicks 1973
Wilson, Sadye Tune Else Regensteiner: Biography of a Weaver 1997
OMWG Art and Design
P = pamphlet v = version
2 = 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Basic Designs for Arts and Crafts P
Bates, Kenneth Basic Design Principles and Practice 1970
Edwards, Edward Pattern and Design with Dynamic Symmetry 1967
Gowing,Laurence ed A History of Art 1995
Hastie, Reid Encounters with Art
Justema, William The Pleasure of Pattern 1968
Orvirk, Otto et al Art Fundamentals Theory and Practice 1990
Proctor,Richard The Principle of Pattern 1969
Read, Herbert The Form of Things Unknown 1960
Tracy, Lois Adventuring in Art 1990
OMWG Children
2= 2 copies
Subject Author Title Date Notes
Children's Claxton, John & Sally Deganio Three Bags Full
Eismann, Alberta & Nicole Gift From a Sheep
Ernst. Lisa Campbell Nattie Parson's Good Luck Lamb
Gosey, Edward Rumpelstiltskin
Harnett, Cynthia The Wool-Pack
Houck, Carter Warm as Wool. Cool as Cotton
Maccaulay, David BAAA
Nathan, Stella Rumpelstiltskin
Paola, Tomie Charlie Needs a Cloook
Rolerson, Darrell In Sheep's Clothing
Schorsch, Anita Pastoral Dreams
Spiegelman, Judith UNICEF's Festival Book
Wicks, Alice Peter's Pickly Pants
Yaroskava How a Shirt Grew in the Field
Yates, Elizabeth Mountain Born
OMWG Library Videos
last print 4/15/15
Subject Author Title
Weaving Dodds, Beverly & Metzger Garments to Weave & How to Weave Them VHS
Ericson, Diane Creative Pin Weaving VHS
La Lena, Constance Weave Drafting The Easy Way Part 1 VHS
La Lena, Constance Weave Drafting The Easy Way Part 2 VHS
Maiwa Productions Tana Bana Wisdon of the Loom DVD
van der Hogt, Madelyn Warping Your Loom DVD
van der Hogt, Madelyn Weaving Well From Yarn to Cloth DVD
Spinning Priscilla Blosser-Rainey The Spinning Machine VHS
Casey, Maggie & Eunny Start Spinning: The Video DVD
Ross, Mabel Spinning: Advanced Techniques VHS
Color Bryant, Laura A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color DVD
Sullivan, Donna Color Interaction VHS
MIxed UNC TV (1982) Folkways, Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving DVD

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