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Today is Aug 04, 2021  
(Last update Jul 14, 2021)

Recurring calendar events:

* OMWG meets at Exchange Place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10 am 'till noon, masks are optional.

* Spinning is the 4th Wednesday each month at Exchange Place from 10 am to noon. All welcome.

* OMWG Weaving Classes — Every Saturday & Sunday in August, see our Classes page for details.

* Also see the latest Newsletters for additional information and events that may not have made it into the Calendar.

* Visit the Exchange Place website for information about their festivals and other events.

* Note: During winter months, please note that the OMWG meetings and Spinners’ 4th Wednesdays all follow the Sullivan County School system’s schedule. If they are closed or delayed, we will not meet.

Calendar — 2021

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